May 2014

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Aug. 2013



“The chart that accompanies these scribblings is the handiwork of Stephanie Pomboy, who puts out a new, smart, informative and quite lively economic commentary called MacroMavens which, as its name implies, focuses on the big picture (… what economists did before they became minutiae addicts). What the chart makes clear, Stephanie notes, is that ‘the recent gains in productivity, far from being miraculous,’ are both cyclical and ordinary.” - BARRON’S - May 27, 2002

“…Stephanie Pomboy, of consultants MacroMavens, sees things differently. ‘Far beneath the surface,’ she writes, ‘the tectonic plates under the U.S. economy have begun to shift, revealing a molten lava river of inflation below…The seeds of domestic pricing power have been sown.”’ – The Weekly Standard – January 6, 2004

“Stephanie Pomboy of the boutique research firm MacroMavens provides insightful counterpoint… ‘the decline in the money multiplier is not the cause for…but the consequence of liquidity chasing financial assets… Before you know it (the Fed) will have disintermediated themselves right out of the picture.’ This is novel thinking.” – Caldwell & Orkin Monthly Update - October, 2003

“…the latest data…showed the core PCE price index rising 1.5 percent from a year earlier… ‘a mere tenth of a percent higher than it was when the Fed sent up its deflation flare’ in May 2003 and cut the funds rate to 1 percent the following month, says Stephanie Pomboy, president of MacroMavens LLC, an independent advisory firm.” – Bloomberg – August 17, 2004 


“We’d like to credit Stephanie Pomboy, the iconoclastic author of the weekly MacroMavens. We’ve made appreciative mention of Stephanie’s stuff on more than one occasion. But what prompts this kudo is a negative call she made on crude oil May 21, just before it peaked.” – BARRON’S - May 31, 2004

“We hope this statistic is wrong, but knowing the source we suspect that it is indeed the truth and therefore rather frightening: consumer credit has risen $2.3 trillion here in the US over the course of the past three years and a whopping 44% of that is tied directly to short term interest rates. This is according to Stephanie Pomboy, who has proven to be incredibly prescient and incredibly insightful when it comes to this sort of concern and this sort of data mining in the realm of consumer credit.” – The Gartman Letter – May 11, 2004.

“Stephanie Pomboy of MacroMavens notes that the percentage of Chinese FX reserves recycled into Treasuries declined to 24% in the second half of 2003 from 54% for all of 2002. These signals, alone, may prove sufficient to accelerate the dollar’s slide from its perch as the global numeraire.” – Tocqueville Asset Mgmt. – February 14, 2004

“‘Economist Stephanie Pomboy, president of the advisory firm MacroMavens, notes companies are sitting on a mountain of cash even while interest rates, adjusted for inflation, are negative. ‘That suggests there aren’t really that many opportunities.’” - The Wall Street Journal – August 5, 2004

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